Typos and sales and fleas

Just an update, any intrepid blog-readers. Seems the version of Reticulum that got uploaded in October had a few introduced editing errors. I’d picked them up a little while prior to the release and asked that they be fixed, but the wrong draft got up on Amazon, or something, so the errors were still there. Now, I realise that a few errors in a 120k-word book are potentially not that big a deal… but I’m a bit OCD. And these errors, in particular, really irritated me. And they weren’t mine to start with. Anyway, net result is that apparently an updated version is going through the uploading process. This can take weeks, I’m told, so if there are any people up there contemplating buying the book, particularly the print version, please hold off. In fact, as TZPP have suggested that they will do a proper launch sometime, my suggestion is you hold off until that happens (if it happens). I have yet to receive my complimentary book copies, so I can’t really check what’s up on Amazon short of buying it, but presumably when (if) they do a better launch, the correct version is likely to be up there. Cheers!

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