Real life vs writing…

I’m in my final semester of my nursing degree so life, as you can imagine, is busy. Nonetheless, I’m pleased to say that I did finish the second edit of my book by the end of July. Many thanks to Jason Franks for not only wading through the whole thing but also providing his usual flurry of insightful and invaluable edits. You should go check out his website ( And also buy his book Bloody Waters, because it’s bloody hilarious. And thanks to Sionnan, as well. She edited a few chapters and also read the whole thing as I was writing it. I doubt I would have finished it without her flailing and encouragement.

I’ve discovered that sharing writing is terrifying. You spend hours on anything you write – agonising over the flow of a sentence; trying to find a metaphor to capture what someone’s thinking and feeling which will be beautiful and right but also not too corny. Every story reveals a little about who you are inside.

And then you go to share it with someone else. Damn, that’s hard. Because if they hate it, it’s not just a dismissal of your writing style. It’s a dismissal of how you see the world. It’s kind of a dismissal of you.

And yet you take the plunge anyway, because what’s the point of creating a world and finding sweetness in the nasty and twisted personalities you create if there’s no-one there to share the journey with you? Your readers may hate it. But hell, maybe they’ll actually give you the validation you’re looking for, and motivate you to write some more.

So yeah, that’s done. The book’s resting now. I’ll revisit it in a couple of months. Maybe by then it’ll have rewritten all its awkward bits. (Books rewrite themselves when you’re not watching them, right? Right?)

In other news, I was rather amazed (yeah, OK – flabbergasted, dumb-founded, ready-to-beat-myself-over-the-head-with-a-shovel shocked) to have two of my short stories accepted for publication in mid July. One, Intelligent Design, will be coming out in the September edition of Aurealis – it’s about a robot. He does things that robots shouldn’t. If you want to know more, subscribe to Aurealis and find out. The other story, The Oracle, has been put through the rejection-wringer so many times, I’m surprised it managed to limp it’s way out of the outbox. But it did. And it got accepted. And it will be published as part of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing‘s One-Night Stand series. I’m quite glad, because I like this story.

So, yay. Validation.

And… That’s really all I have to say right now. End on a positive note. Blah blah blah. Till next time.

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