I’m going to be published!

Sooo… I have some news :). One word. Well, four: The Zharmae Publishing Press! Perhaps that deserves a couple more exclamation marks: !!!!

I wrote a book last year. My first one, with all the expected flaws and awkwardnesses. I sent it off to Zharmae in February, just to see what would happen.

I will admit I didn’t really think anyone would ever pick this up. Your first book – that’s supposed to be the one that only you will ever find interesting; that you hide under the bed, gathering cobwebs and dust. And probably fleas.

Looks like I was wrong. Looks like all those little dreams you hide inside your head can come true, after all. When the planets align, stars twinkle in just the right way and you stumble across a publisher that’s willing to give you a chance.

You know those dreams – MAYBE you can write, just a little. MAYBE you can even write something that speaks to someone. MAYBE one day you can have a book of your very own.

I spoke about validation in an earlier post, and being picked up by a publisher for a book-length story is precisely that. My sincere thanks to Zharmae for this opportunity. I haven’t posted about it till now because… well, as I said on Facebook, I don’t do self-promotion very well. I didn’t really believe it was happening and even now it still doesn’t feel possible that next year, there will be a book out there with my name on the cover. It’s exciting. Bit scary (self-doubt is my friend :P). Pretty amazing, basically. I also didn’t share until now because I’m not following all this Twitter news very well and didn’t realise that TZPP had shared news of the signing until just yesterday.

The book is quite a kind one, really, at least in comparison with the things I’ve been writing recently. As I’ve delved back into it for yet another edit, it’s kind of refreshing to go into a world I’ve created that isn’t all bleak :). At the end of the day, the story is about friendship. Companionship, isolation and the choice between the two. About knowledge and power beyond belief, and the eventual realisation that without love, what you know and are capable of doesn’t mean a thing. It is a fantasy novel, so as a backdrop to all that is my ultimate magic system – the one that I’ve had in my head since I was a kid and finally got the courage to put down on paper. Well, computer. Anyway.

Many authors influenced this story: Isobelle Carmody, Tad Williams, Dan Simmons, Robin Hobb, Erin Morgenstern. People who create awesome worlds and societies and magics, but who understand that underneath it all, it’s the human element–the relationships between people and the things they hold most dear–that bring a story to life. My world is not even a fraction as amazing as theirs, but if I’ve captured even a bit of the humanity their works introduce, I’ll be happy.

I’ll be busy till the end of the year, getting my book to a standard that both I and Zharmae can be proud of. Once again, guys, thanks for your support, for your prompt and lovely emails and your belief. I’ll do my damndest not to let you down.

So. I’m going to be an author :).

Stay tuned. It’s going to be an interesting ride – hook up with me here or on Facebook if you’d like to join me. And I hope you will :).

PS. That publisher was Zharmae. They’ve got a stack of books coming out soon, and the covers on them are fantastic. Can’t wait to see what shininess they deem appropriate for my story!

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  1. Katie
    Katie at · · Reply

    Your ultimate magic system sounds intriguing. I’m looking forward to finding out more about it once your book is published.

  2. Jason Franks
    Jason Franks at · · Reply

    Massive congratulations, Marta! Well deserved.

    Best of all… once the Zharmae publish your book YOU CAN’T STOP ME FROM READING IT.

  3. Danielle Romero
    Danielle Romero at · · Reply

    We’re so thrilled to have you!

    Danielle@ The Zharmae Publishing Press

  4. Simon Dewar
    Simon Dewar at · · Reply


    Make sure you keep us updated about this .. we want cover reveals and countdowns to publication day etc.

    Super happy for you, Marta.


  5. von carpio
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