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So while Darkness Falls is off and doing the rejection rounds with agents, I settled myself down to write another book. Back in January I produced a lengthy 9k book outline for what I thought would be my next book. Then I started trying to write it. Then I started my nursing job and descended into a pit of doom and stress for a couple of weeks. Then I realised that the book was going nowhere. Then I cried.

And yeah, then I got over it. Work is now busy and crazy and full on, but I’m learning to accept that it’s a 24 hour job and as long as my people are a) alive and b) as comfortable as I can make them, then that’s OK. I’ve done my best. And as I get more experienced, perhaps I’ll be able to do more, but in the end it’s the patient rapport that I’m striving for; that ability to try to make people feel more at ease in what may arguably be some of the more frightening experiences in their lives.

As for that first book, I’ve put it away for now, and instead, in March, started writing a book with no outline at all. Writing friends call this ‘pantsing’ and as a control freak, let me assure you, I was most uneasy about undertaking the process. I like my stuff planned out, damn it. My characters may deviate a little, but I know how they’re going to end up. I know the world they’re living in. It’s all in my head. I AM GOD!

Ahem. Well, this time, I just meandered on in my merry way, with worlds changing under me, and minor characters demanding a bigger slice of the action and motivations for things shifting left, right and centre. But you know what? That book just kept going. No plan, but by the first week of June, I’d hit the end of the first draft, at 150k+ words. The editing will be dreadful, but you can’t edit what you don’t have, and I found that while inconsistencies cropped up in the writing of an unplanned book, the overall process was more relaxing. Just write where the characters take you, and the story you produce will end up surprising you, and make your writing experience more fun.

That book is resting now, and I’m resting too – life’s a bit busy and I’m not motivated at the moment to do any shorts, but I daresay I’ll get back to in due course. And try to keep you all more updated!

Oh and in other news: I’ve had three short stories published since my last post (check out my About Me page) and final edits have been sent off to TZPP for Reticulum’s launch in August. Should be some cover reveals happenning soon. SHINY!

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