About me


Marta lives out in the hills of Australia with her partner and assorted fluffy roosters, chickens, sheep, alpacas and one dog (who may or may not have fleas). When not working or writing, she passes the time trying to grow vegetables and running over irrigation pipe with her ride-on mower. In a past life, she spent her days programming (or screaming at) computers and writing lengthy emails which were reported to give her managers headaches. Now, she’s more gainfully occupied as a nurse, which legitimately allows her to amuse herself by asking people about their bowel habits.

Click here for her nursing portfolio (password protected).


Reticulum New Adult urban fantasy Reticulum released October 2014 with The Zharmae Publishing Press.
Darkness Falls Dark urban fantasy. Complete – looking for representation.
Book 3 Dystopic urban fantasy. First draft complete.

Short stories:

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow Short story ‘Time Traveller’s Symphony’ published in the Yesterday You Said Tomorrow anthology from Burnt Offerings Books
Link Flash fiction ‘Wishes’ published in volume i of Freeze Frame Fiction in July 2014
The Oracle Short story ‘The Oracle’ published in Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing‘s One-Night Stand series in June 2014
Link Short story ‘In My Image’ published in the March 2014 issue of Perihelion SF
Till Death Do Us Part Short story ‘Promises’ published in the Till Death Do Us Part anthology from Burnt Offerings Books
Aurealis #64 Short story ‘Intelligent Design’ published in issue 64 of Aurealis Sci Fi and Fantasy magazine
Aurealis #60 Short story ‘Betrayal’ published in issue 60 of Aurealis Sci Fi and Fantasy magazine